Best and Effective Slimming Tea, Slimming Coffee and Slimming Pills in the Philippines

Losing weight is not simple. It may entail a complicated process that involves manipulation of your habits as well as adapting to a new lifestyle. What works for one person may not work or be effective on the other.

In the search of the fastest and easiest way to lose weight, people resort to methods of slimming coffee, tea or pills. Here is a list of the best of those found in the Philippines.


 Biguerlai Slimming Tea 

is a weight loss tea that also cleanses the colon.  It has laxative ingredients such as Senna fruits and leaves, which is believed to help relieve constipation.

Kankunis Herbal Tea 

is more popular as it has been around longer. This is considered a natural digestive aid to lose unwanted fat as it contains senna, malvae and shiu sen tea. This also relieves constipation due to the product’s laxative effect.

Laxatives are utilized in Kankura Laxative Tea, which aids in the promotion of slimming and improved digestion.

Pearl White Slimming Tea 

is used as a slimming/laxative/detoxification tea that also claims to whiten the skin. This balances nutrient metabolism in the body, and it cleans the stomach and the intestines.

    Green tea is known to be rich in L-Carnitine that boosts your metabolism and helps burn fat.


Best and Effective Slimming Tea, Slimming Coffee and Slimming Pills in the Philippines


Body Beauty expedites burning of fat and prevent fat synthesis. It also whitens, softens, and firms the skin. It reduces appetite and increases Lipolysis

Slimina is made up of traditional coffee mixed with Griffonia Simplicifolia natural plants extracts as well as Hunger-Oblivion Grass.
Original Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee tastes like gourmet coffee and contains several nutrients from herbal extracts that help boost metabolism, increases fat oxidation, convert calories into energy, burn calories and lose fat. It also aids in digestion and benefit healthy skin and nerves.

Fair Lady Pearl has a high level of antioxidants compared to other drinks, which reduces cholesterol and high blood pressure and even hair loss.

Leisure Fat Burner with leptin has calcium pyruvate that accelerates burning excessive fat. It prevents the formation of body fat and regulates appetite.

Leptin Green Coffee 800 curbs the appetite and stimulates the body to burn fat and calories. This contains the anti-oxidant qualities that are necessary to cause thermogenesis, which increases fat metabolism.

Fashion Slimming Coffee contains multi-active contents that improve lipid mobilization and regulates the metabolism fitness.




Zhen De Shou contains  crategus pinnatifida or Shenxianye (fairy leaves) that aids in slimming. Activates fat metabolism, usually in the waist, abdomen, buttocks and arms. This also curbs the absorption of fat. 

Slimina suppresses the diet, so there is a decrease in appetite and food craving. This speeds up metabolism. 

Pretty Model Slimming Capsule has active ingredients that aids in dispelling fat out of the body. 

Bangkok Pills is an appetite suppressant and stimulant, caused by its methamphetamine content.

Hokkaido Slimming Pill is made of Chinese rose and trumpet creeper extracts that improve metabolism. It also has lotus and evening primrose extract that reduces excessive absorption of fat and clears away toxins. 

Slim Forte Double Power Slimming Capsule speeds up metabolism and burns extra fat through the form of heat production. This effectively controls the intake of calories and suppresses the appetite. 

Beauty Ballet Slimming Pills reduce fat in the waist, legs, back and arms as well as whitens and beautify the skin. Its active ingredients include green tea extracts, apple cider, lotus leaf, hydrolyzed pearl powder glutamic acid, hawthorn, L-carnitine, cysteine, and glycine. 

Sureslim Slimming Softgel reduces fat accumulation, accelerates fat metabolism and free radicals from the body, and delays skin aging. There is no guarantee as to what is the best brand or way is, so it will be a matter of trial and error on which brand works best for you. Firstly, always make sure that the slimming tea brand that you choose is approved by BFAD or FDA.

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