Why do you need to urinate after a massage session? Do you want to know?

frequent urination after deep tissue massage
Nothing beats the feeling of a good massage.
Massage therapy is a welcome escape from the hectic pace of modern life, where finding moments of peace and relaxation can be challenging.
It's amazing what an hour away from the stresses of work and technology can do for your sense of renewal.
An antidote to tension, insomnia, and slouched posture from staring at a phone for too long, it can help you feel more refreshed and ready to take on the day.
But if you're a regular massage recipient, you know there's one drawback: an overwhelming need to go to the bathroom.

Listed below are some reasons why:
Certified urologist Anika Ackerman, MD, of Morristown, New Jersey, says that massage, particularly deep tissue or sports massage, helps the body feel more energized by releasing fluid collected in soft tissue and muscle and sending it back into circulation.
As the kidneys filter waste products from the blood, they increase urine production when the bladder is full.
Some people have a "strong need to urinate, even on the table during a massage."

The release of toxins is a major cause of the frequent need to urinate that some people report after getting a massage.
Among the many benefits of massage is increased activity in the lymphatic system, which carries waste and toxins out of the body.
Dr. Ackerman says massage helps the body rid itself of excess fluid by speeding up the lymphatic system.
This increases the efficiency with which the lymphatic system flushes out harmful substances in urine.

Furthermore, the pressure and movement applied by the therapist causes the blood vessels to dilate (widen).
More oxygen and nutrients can be carried to the body's cells with improved circulation.
This results in the release of fluid from the body's tissues into the circulatory system, which can help rid the body of harmful toxins and waste.
This is good for your health and well-being and can ease swelling and pain.

increased urination after massage

When it comes to massage, which techniques cause you to need the restroom urgently?

Urinating frequently after a massage is a common side effect of massage of all kinds. This includes deep tissue massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, and even hot stone therapy.
This is because the nervous endings in the muscles and skin are stimulated during massage, which increases blood flow and circulation and encourages frequent urination after deep tissue massage.
Older studies have suggested that massaging the sacrum (a region in the lower back) can help alleviate urinary retention.

Individual differences in age, health status, and the specifics of the massage modality affect how often a person needs to go to the bathroom afterward.
For instance, a person with a history of urinary incontinence may urinate more frequently after receiving a massage because stimulating the muscles can temporarily increase urinary leakage.

The significance of drinking water after a massage

After receiving a massage, have you noticed that your water bottle is attached loosely?
The opposite is also true, and there's a good explanation.
As the body releases surplus fluid, it might become dehydrated, as noted by Dr. Ackerman.
That's why your masseuse probably told you to drink lots of water after your session.
If you drink water after getting a massage, it will help your body flush out the toxins and restore the fluids it lost during the treatment.
Intense massages like deep tissue and sports can lead to dehydration because of the increased circulation of fluids throughout the body, so it's crucial to drink water afterward.

Thus, the next time you get up from the massage table and immediately feel the need to urinate, you'll know it's perfectly normal.

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